Suzy the Scene


by Siobhan Fallon Hogan
illustrated by Lori Desmond Oakes
When Suzy doesn’t make the softball team she doesn't give up until she uncovers her talents in a different area.



Suzy is a determined, courageous little girl who tries her hardest to make the grammar school softball team. Suzy practices every day after school to prove to her gruff coach that she has what it takes to make the team. Suzy doesn’t make the team but that doesn’t stop her. Luckily, the school drama teacher came to the tryout and is inspired by Suzy’s determination and charm. She invites Suzy to try out for the school play. When Suzy goes on stage, for the first time in her life she feels like she is part of something. Suzy shines. She finally finds her niche and tells other kids to never ever give up. She says, “It may take time but you’ll find something you can do.” She shares the powerful message that inside every kid is a “CHAMPION ON THE GO!” Suzy’s courage and determination inspires readers to keep digging deep for their gifts and never ever give up no matter how discouraged or rejected they feel. Suzy’s story inspires each reader to know that each child is gifted in their own special way. Suzy inspires any child who reads her to story to know they are definitely and without a doubt a CHAMPION!

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